Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011

Messe Logo      Between 6-Th and 9-Th of March 2011 for the sixth time we attended the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Each day of the show was fulfilled with testing of our equipment, exchanging ideas, sharing knowledge and chatting with customers and business partners. Warm and friendly atmosphere at Taurus booth changed the meetings and sound testings into spontaneous jam sessions. It was very cheering to see musicians coming back to our booth with their friends to introduce them to Taurus products and ideas. The best advertisement will not win with friend’s recommendations. The most acclaimed musicians who visited us were bassists:
as well as the guitarists: 


As always, we have brought full selection of the best products - the Silver Line and Black Line series of amplifiers, speaker cabinets, combos and effect pedals to allow users to taste the Taurus sound. The player’s opinions were very positive; we were glad to hear „awesome”, „superb”, „beautiful”, „unique”, „inspiring” and most importantly „irreplaceable” about our gear.

Now a few words about our new products, the Taurus BL-450 and the Stomp-Head. 

   BL-450The Taurus BL-450 is a new light-weight and compact size bass head from the Black Line series. The amp is powered by outstandingly efficient, high energy Switching Mode Power Supply which insures extremely high dynamics and power. The BL-450 is an analogue amplifier, and will satisfy users who are looking for reliable, efficient, flexible, easy to control and set-up bass head.
The Taurus BL-450 is designed to be „plug and play” – this bass head is equipped with all necessities to be used in studio as well as on stage. Click
HERE for more information.

Another our brand new design is dedicated to guitarists.

Until today, guitarists could only choose between two types of amplifiers: Heads and Combos. Now, we introducing a new bread called Stomp-Head. Because it is complete innovation in the world of a guitar amplifiers, we had to create a new products group name. The “Stomp Head” name came from “stomp-box”(floor effect pedal) and “head amp”. This two wards describing what the design really is.
Taurus Stomp Head

   The Taurus Stomp-Head is an ultra light (only 3 kg), very compact floor amplifier with integrated foot-switch, designed to be set on the pedal board, along with effects or, placed directly on the stage floor. It greatly benefits the player with immediate access to all amps potentiometers and options. The amplifier of this size and weight may be suspected of being digital, but Stomp-Head is the fully analogue, tubes design. When the amp is set on the pedal board only one wire (speaker wire) is needed to setup the guitar sound on stage. This amplifier can also be use as a regular head amp. We have presented T-60 (60 Watt) and T-70 (70 Watt) models, each with a slightly different sound. The musicians at Messe were delighted by sound, power and flexibility of our innovative design of Stomp Head amps.
Musician’s quotes:
„Is this all in one in that small box?”
„The dynamic and deep, velvety sound are amazing!”
„What kind of tubes are used?”
„Okay, now tell me where the amplifier is.”
„Where is the amp? Is it hidden behind the other amps?”

Most of the guitarists belief that the great sound can be achieved only by huge, massive wall of speakers and 100 % tube amplifiers. Taurus Stomp-Head faces the challenge to compete with this stereotype. It’s not going to be easy, but we know that this tiny amp has great potential to succeed on very tough guitar amp market.

The great interest and flattering opinions give us a lot of positive energy to keep on working on this amp. At present the Stomp-Head is in the process of being tested and presented. We hope this project will succeed and in a very near future the amplifier will be available to you. Keep yourself updated!


Taurus at Musikmesse 2011 in Frankfurt

Taurus Stomp-Head, Musikmesse 2011 Report