Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

Messe 2012

Taurus took part in Musikmesse international fair in Frankfurt am Main held from 21-24 March 2012. This year Taurus presented new bass products – New Slim Line series speaker cabinets. It is the continuation of light-weight and small-footprint product series. It is a perfect match for well-known Silver Line bass heads: Qube-450, THD-450.

Last year during Messe there was a premiere of BL-450, which also fired Black Line series fans with enthusiasm this year as well. Since the premiere in 2009, Taurus effects invariably capture bass and guitar players’ interest with their versatility and incredible sound.

Stomp-Head – a revolutionary guitar amplifier is an absolute novelty in 2012. It’s official premiere took part during the Musikmesse 2012. Taurus presented two models, which are already up for sale and two other which are going to be available soon: Stomp-Head 1.BL and Stomp-Head 4.High Gain. Taurus is the only brand which is offering this type of amplifiers.

Stomp-Head is an ultra-light and portable guitar amplifier with sound and capabilities of traditional tube amps. It was created to fulfill the needs of musicians who want to have the sound of their head, when touring in the farthest corners of the world. The group of musician who have chosen Taurus Stomp-Head has been constantly growing. Among them are: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Denander, Pedro Andrea, Ruggero Robin and Artur „Boo Boo” Twarowski. Please try our products. More information on product testing at the following email address:

In addition, Taurus has presented new guitar speaker cabinets recommended for Stomp-Head amplifiers. New cabinets will be available in the second half of 2012. The offer includes two models: TC-112 and TC-212 with Celestion speakers and TJ-112 and TJ-212 with Jensen speakers.

Please watch a short report from our stand at the Musikmesse 2012.