I prefer all tube amplifiers. Is Stomp-Head as good as valve amp?
Stomp Head is an alternative to classic tube amps, built in completely new shape. We've been able to acheive such result by applying traditional analogue technology with the use of two 12AX7 tubes that control the work of the power amp as well as the preamp. We've also applied a number of our original solutions that are responsible for smooth and natural sound of the amp. According to opinions of many musicians that have tested the Stomp-Head, it's a very powerful and compact amp that is fully comparable to classic all tube amps. 

Can I use Stomp-Head as a power amplifier and connect another preamp to it?
Yes, you can plug into the power stage using RETURN EFX-Loop input. Then, only MASTER and BOOST regulation will be active.

How loud is Stomp-Head comparing to full-tube amps?
Stomp-Head is exactly as loud as 70W tube amplifier. Also dynamics and compression are the same as in all full-tube amps.

Can I use the amplifier with 230V and 120V power supply?
In custom design there is a power switch mounted, which enables 120V/230V mode change. The standard amplifiers are factory set at 120V or 230V.

Can I control the amplifier functions using an external controller?
Stomp-Head 4, SL has this function. A controller can switch CRUNCH, CHANNEL, BOOST and EFX-LOOP bypass functions. EFX-LOOP bypass off function is only possible with a switcher or an external controller.

How to work a BOOST?
The BOOST controls both the volume of sound as well as increases the dynamic of distortion in the LEAD channel regardless of the BOOST’s potentiometer position. For example: Upon setting the potentiometer to MINIMUM with the BOOST Mode ON, the LEAD channel volume level remains unchanged, but the distortion (DRIVE) becomes more dynamic and articulated.

You can check it easily by setting drive between 50 and 100%, setting BOOST on min, and press BOOST while playing. Playing softly you wont feel a thing, but when you play something with stronger attack with BOST-ON ( even if it's set to 0 ), dynamics will be and attack will be more efficient than while playing with BOOST-OFF. Basically BOOST slightly changes character of compression in LEAD channel, wich gives more selective, and efficient sound while playing riffs, and solos.

What kind and how many vacuum tubes are used in Stomp-Head 4.SL?
There are two 12AX7 tubes used in this amplifier. They are both in the preamp section, but one is additionally controlling the power amplifier providing the right compression, dynamics and distortion saturation in the sound spectrum. It is our innovative solution called MTD (Master Tube Design).

Can I replace the 12AX7 tubes?  I'm fan of tubes another manufacturer.
We suggest not to change the tubes. Optimal operating parameters of tubes 12AX7 are set during production. The characteristics of each tube in the amplifier is set individually at MTD system (Master Tube Design), to get the best performance possible. It is not recommended to replace the tubes. Replacing working tubes with some other will not improve the sound. 12Ax7 are already tuned so that the sound can be the best Only broken tubes should be replaced with the new ones.
Tubes in MTD technology work in perfect conditions what allows them to have very long life span. If not mechanicaly damaged there is not point of changing them for many years.

What happens if I unplug the cabinet while playing?
Is there a danger of a breakdown like in most tube amplifiers?

Stomp Head can work without cabinet connected . Unlike standard tube amplifiers disconnecting speaker cabinet while playing is not dangerous.

Is the amplifier spill-resistant?
Like all electrical devices, it must be protected against spill. Generally, the Stomp-Head is not exposed to situations where we put a drink on it, like it often happens in case of traditional heads and combos. There is simply no place for that on this amplifier. However, we predicted such a situation and this is why we put all the openings in places to protect the sensitive components of the amplifier against spill, for example if anybody accidentally spilled a drink on the amplifier .